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Past Years Tax Filing Services

Booker Instant Tax Services can assist with filing your past years tax returns by providing the following services:

  • Prior year Consultation

  • Prior year File preparation

  • Prior year documents created

  • File prepared for certified mailing with tracking

  • PDF version provided 


           All at an affordable price......


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Do you need help fixing an error on an already filed return?  Not sure if your prior tax preparer qualified you for the maximum refund you should have received?

Forgot to add a W2? No matter the reason, Booker Instant Tax Services can help you amend your already filed return to resubmit to the IRS. 

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Miscellaneous Filings


  • Homestead

  • Extensions

  • Address Change Form

  • Form 911 Advocate Assistance

  • Identity Theft Form

        and more......