Required Identification Documents

 Valid State ID


Drivers Licence

Passport for any adult included on the return, 18 years of age and older

Original Social Security Card(s)

Original birth certificate

Copy of Direct Deposit form or blank check 

Filing Status


ID, Social Security, W2 or pay statement

Head of House Hold:

ID, Social Security Card(s)

Birth Certificate(s), Legal documents, W2 or pay statement.

Married Filing Jointly:

ID's, Social Security Card's, Marriage Certificate or statement, W2's or pay statement's.

Pay Statements

Original, unaltered W2


 PDF version of the W2 


Valid 1099 Misc Form with employer contact number and address

Self Employment Statement (fill out & download)

Supporting Documents

Proof of address

Proof of Dependent Care expenses

Proof of medical expenses

Proof of Work expenses

Proof of education expenses

Proof of housing expenses

Proof of Retirement Accounts

Proof of Health Savings Accounts